Tremblant, voted the number one alpine ski destination in Canada, has lots of things going for it as a resort destination.  The hill itself is large and varied. It is within an easy drive of several airports, and also offers shuttles from the airport directly to the hill, which can be a life saver. It has a reputation for vibrant culture and excellent nightlife and it often enjoys a good amount of snow even in the first part of the season.

Getting there

The drive from Toronto to Mont-Tremblant is about seven hours in total, not counting stops and the inevitable traffic. Given the limited roadside stop options, be sure to fully gear up with snacks, drinks, and whatever else you need to keep the back seat contingent cooperative.

 What to do?

Tremblant village is actually two distinct things.  There is "old Tremblant" which is the actual village, with a pretty main street, mall boutiques, and some restaurants. Then there is what most tourists picture based on advertising, the slopeside pedestrian village. The pedestrian village that backs onto the hotels at the foot of the Laurentian mountains is straight out of a brochure on European Alpine charm, perhaps more Austrian Alps than French Alps, with brightly coloured buildings, steeply sloped roofs and tons of shops, patios, movie theatre, and even a water park. The area is best known for its skiing, with a unique ski-in/ski-out lounge available at the hotel in winter, although it teems with people and activities in the summer and fall weekends as well.

The gondolas that take skiers up to the peaks provide spectacular views of the Laurentian valley, lush green trees in summer, exploding into a blazing smattering of fall colours. 

With Tremblant’s mountains and forests rife with hiking and biking trails, zip lines, and golf courses, combined plus helicopter rides, ATV outings, horseback riding, spa treatments, and a host of beach, tennis and water sports, there’s never a lack of outdoorsy things to do. Our summertime favourite is the alpine luge, which consisted of a three-wheel, two-person kart powered by gravity instead of an engine down a twisty mountainside course.

 Don’t Miss

With abundant snowfalls and one of the most sophisticated and powerful snowmaking systems in North America, Tremblant boasts exceptional ski conditions that delight skiers and snowboarders from November through April. After the winter season, there’s still plenty to do at the resort, including alpine luge, golf, fishing, horse-drawn wagon rides, playgrounds, miniature golf, mountain biking, indoor and outdoor pools, and tennis, among others. Plus, of course, the charming pedestrian village full of shops, children’s activities and restaurants.

Ice Skating

Tremblant boasts a lovely outdoor rink at the base of the village where guests can enjoy a pond-like skating experience. Although it isn't large (and doesn't allow for hockey), it makes a nice diversion for guests in your party who might not want to spend every minute on the slopes.

Water Park

Unlike some resorts, the water park is not directly attached to one specific hotel, which is both nice and a bit of a drawback. It means you will inevitably need to go outside with damp hair, but assuming you are prepared that isn't much of a problem. With very reasonable weekly rates (it's only $63.00 a week for an adult) and indoor and outdoor pools, it's a good option to break up all the winter sports.


Tremblant's slopeside village has a remarkable amount of shopping, with everything from Roots to Lole to keep you occupied. At the end of season, you can also score some good deals on "last year's" gear.

La Diable

This microbrewery is right in the village, making it a very popular spot for apres-ski. Although it's beers aren't outstanding, it has a fun atmosphere, reasonable food, and good specials. It even has a kid's menu, should your apres include the under-12 set.

Watch out for


At Tremblant there are lines for everything from check in to rentals to lifts. The lift lines are so bad there is even a separate line for specific credit card holders to offer a shorter wait time. Plan ahead, so that you don't have kids leaving the line for the (far away) washroom, or getting into ski pole battles to pass the time.


Tremblant accommodations are made through a central reservation system, but in reality, the reservations are booked into various independently managed properties across the resort. Despite confirming slopeside (several times and in writing) we were placed in a unit that required a shuttle to the lifts. Remember there is little recourse once you arrive, so be sure to have your plans laid out in writing and confirmed copies of the exchange printed out and with you at check-in. Be especially wary if you have reserved a condo unit, as those seem to be the ones where the there is the most potential for error.