With Southern Ontario buried in snow, ice, slush, and just general mess, it seemed like a good time to review some oft listed but rarely followed winter road rules.

1) Drive slowly -- this may seem extremely obvious but we will all get to our destinations faster if everyone maintains a steady, slow pace. Getting cocky and pushing your speed is more likely to cause a problem than anything else, and then everyone will be stuck waiting for you to get back out of the snow bank

2) Take turns -- common courtesy suggests that we alternate who gets to go. Between giant snowbanks and parked cars, all roads effectively become one-way streets. Display some good manners and take turns. Don't just barge down a road. We are all trying to make it to school drop off, so try to be polite and allow people to alternate using the road.

3) Don't shovel into the road -- It is tempting, I know. But by shovelling into the road you make it much more difficult for cars to drive. Ploughs only come so often and there is nothing to gain by adding additional sludge to the street.

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4) Allow lots of extra time -- not only will you need to allow time for blocked roads, you will also need to allow for garbage trucks, children walking and bicycles if you are driving in the city. Remember it takes a lot longer to brake, so leave lots of room and take your time.

5) Parking parameters -- If you're parking on the street try to park somewhere where one end of your car won't be blocked in. Behind a fire hydrant, or near the curb are good examples. That way you will at least be able to drive straight out in one direction. If you are parking in front of another car, try to leave them as much space as possible so they can get out safely as well.